Thursday, September 24, 2009

New things!

Ok so it's been a few days since I posted....I've been pretty swamped with orders and getting things ready for my baby's 1st birthday!!!

The first picture is literally moments after she was born and the 2nd picture is from this morning. She is ONE YEARS OLD today! I could cry time has gone so fast and it seems like a blur. When I was pregnant with her, I couldn't imagine having two kids with two different personalities (I also have a 3 year old) but she is like exact opposite of her sister. She's very laid back and only fusses when she's hungry, needs a change, or just needs a cuddle from her mommy (ME!)

Ok, beyond that, I've teamed up with my good friend Amber from Knotty Baby Wear. Something exciting is in the works and will enable you to spoil that baby. We are hoping to have all the details worked out by October 1st so stay tuned!

In other exciting news, I challenged my facebook fans to get me 75 fans from Tuesday till Sunday. Not only did they get me 75 fans, they got me 90! So I had promised a super cool giveaway, and the winner for that was:

Laci Wilson!!!

and this is what she won!! I was reluctant to give it up, but the reality is I don't have a baby to wear it so I'm glad she'll take good care of it :)

And on an absolute last note for this update. I took a picture OF MYSELF! Rare, but yes apparently it happens sometimes. The fun part was I was messing around with it on photoshop and this is what I got

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